The Naked Truth of Today’s Education: Debt and Depression!

The naked truth of today's education: Debt and depression!

Imparting education and knowledge is probably the most respected objective of our human civilization. This is where we humans tend to be different from other animals.

Our scope of ‘knowledge’, ‘education’ and ‘understanding’ is probably the widest when compared to other animals, species, or objects in this world! We know how to pass down knowledge from one generation to the other, in its exact sense!

But as time progresses, we seem to be losing the real meaning of education, and we have started to take everything for granted!

Why am i saying this you might ask, when nearly every single child can afford education these days!



Education according to the most ethical definition is understanding and knowing this world! How this world functions, and what is our purpose on Earth!


But, dices are now rolled on some other side, and education has become a monetary base, where teachers are no more educators, and all that most of the students understand, is they need a job and a good salary to survive!


Wonder, how many of them know, why they are born, and why they should survive!

In this blog post we will cover two biggest impact of modern education on this society and the students in general.
These are student loan debt and depression!


The current student loan debt scenario:


Real education is definitely costly. If a student aims to teach himself about the world on his own, then it is very expensive and time taking! Here by expensive I not only mean in terms of money.
One cannot easily make life the sole tutor and sail on the sea of knowledge!

If you become a student of life, then philosophically speaking, you will be walking down a tough road!

And, i can’t explain it to you, what roads you will take up on your quest of knowledge!


That’s the reason why our society has put up well functioning schools and universities to give people education at an affordable cost! The first such well known school was of Plato’s in Athens, known as ‘The Academy’!

But we humans have changed the meaning over time, and currently our education system is run by monarch sophists, who only understand money!


The present student loan debt in USA stands at a hefty $1.53 trillion as of second quarter of 2018.

I mean seriously??

Wonderful, how we have reduced the cost of education!!

This huge amount of debt is making the parents fall financially sick! They are getting burdened due to their children’s debts!

Families are getting destroyed because of this huge indebtedness. And, guess what, student loans are probably the toughest form of debt to escape!

A mortgage, you can give back your house as a collateral. Same with an auto loan! But student loans? No way man, they have no collaterals attached!

Either you can go for loan forgiveness, or run behind consolidation companies, if you are unable to pay off your student loan debt!

Whatever, it’s time when we must believe, that schools and universities should realize the fact, that they are charging huge amounts of money in the name of education! And they must stop doing so for a better upliftment of education in the society!


Depression rate among students are increasing:


What is childhood made up of? I can’t think or rather don’t want to think of anything except happiness!


But by going to schools, that’s the only thing students are not getting! They are pressurized to become ants, carrying the burden of forced knowledge, to finally become intelligent morons.


They start to believe that grades are the only thing that matters, and degree is the only thing that they must hold onto! Nobody teaches them about how to be loyal to their parents, or that we humans are also vulnerable like any other object, or no one except the almighty (if you believe in it), can save us when death calls!


So ultimately they come out as lemonade corked in a wine bottle!


But in the middle of it all, students are getting depressed due to the modern education system! They feel like they are tempted to compete among their peer groups for grades! What if they don’t score good in exams? What if they can’t get into a world class college??


Their lives have become full of ‘what ifs’, and what do we have as the end result? Family chaos, students committing suicide, parents bashing kids,… and so on!


I have very well accepted the fact, that everything’s happening because it’s meant to happen! And, that time is God!

But ultimately, can’t we just not teach our children about life and ethics, instead of making them envious of someone else’s happiness?


We are humans, and it is our duty to make our kids understand what real human smells like! Even a bison can fight, and a lion can kill, but it is only human who understands consequences!