Reasons behind overspending – Avoid this issues to save your wallet part 2

Hi folks… This is the continuation of the last post of mine. Hope you’ll enjoy these money saving ideas.


  1. Immediate need – When you visit a store, you might not be looking a special thing to buy. But suddenly, if you remember something which you need immediately, you are gonna use your credit card and buy it. You’ll feel a great satisfaction after achieving that commodity. But after that, when you return home and think, you may find that you have wasted your money on a product which can be purchased later. You needed that money for another special need. But it was too late. you got what you want now, and you have to pay the bill on time..
  1. Lifestyle – If you are living a good, high class lifestyle, it will be very hard for you to downgrade your daily habits due to a financial hardship. So, you might maintain your high grade, costly habits and routine which will gather more debts for you.
  1. Behaving like a child – Some people just behave like a CHILD. A child normally gets money, and he/she got scared that may be someone will snatch that money from him/her. Then the child normally spends it in any kind of activity, the aim is to spend. But this behavior can be suitable for a child, not a mature person. If being a mature citizen, you spend without thinking, at any reason, I am afraid you’ll be in a deep trouble.
  1. Showing off power – Spending money actually is a mode of showing off power. No matter what would be the amount, paying it off with a card swipe is pretty cool. Similarly, throwing off a bunch of $100 bill for paying your shopping bills is also mind blowing. But seriously! what kind of power you gain by piling up debts?? Think about it..
  1. Over self-estimation – Don’t overestimate yourself! I agree you also deserve a $50 haircut, or $75 body massage, but it is wrong you always have to spend that much extra for yourself. I mean , practically you can handle yourself if you got a $10 haircut.
  1. Not saying “NO” – This one is the one that I have heard the absolute most. Whether a child asking a parent for the newest fad toy or a spouse wanting the newest computer game, some people just cannot say no! Even if they cannot afford to say yes, they feel like a failure to some degree if the money is not there to meet the wants of the other person. No matter what, these people will make it happen, even if it becomes a dead end to bankruptcy court.