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Why build wealth when in the end you will be dead

Why build wealth when in the end you will be dead?

It is the age-long truth that we all came empty-handed and we all will go empty-handed. What matters the most is what lies in between!

We are all meant to live in joy and happiness. That what makes us feel good! Makes us content!

Satisfaction, pleasure, happiness, is what we all search and thrive for! Our times are limited. It is now or never. Everything’s ‘happening’, not ‘happened’ neither ‘will happen’. So, live the present in complete harmony.

But there’s something weird in the middle of everything! People believe in possession instead of sharing!

Hence I came up with this topic that will try to explore what makes wealth so important – that we gotta fight hard to build it, while in the end we will possess nothing and say goodbye!


Why do we need money?

We can completely survive without money. But what will then value the hard work we do. The work that gives some productive output while utilizing the costliest of everything, ‘Time’!

We all need something in return! This world is a complete give and take! Hence to unify everything, we need money!

And everything’s worth a certain amount of money! Money has the purchasing power!

Hence money can technically buy anything that’s not an emotion and that lies under human jurisdiction!


We need a house to live, food to eat, water to drink, electricity to bring lights to nights, and so on!

We are all working for each other. Some plow the field, some sew clothes, someone’s supervising the turbines so that we never run out of electricity, and the list goes on and on.

So monetary wealth is important!

As you can very well see, if you are not a productive member of the society, you can never understand the worth of money.

Only those who have done something productive, have valued money!

Don’t expect to get your pair of jeans for free, the daily bread for free, or rather anything for free.

Do the hard work, walk the tough road, get paid, and buy what you want and desire!


So why build wealth when in the end you are dead and can’t have anything?

Because unless you have a pleasurable life, you won’t have a pleasurable death! A wise friend of mine said it’s better to die in a golden bed rather beside a sewage!

Quite true!

We want satisfaction and happiness. If we can’t claim anything on this earth as ours, then our reason to live is nil!

Hence don’t get carried away by this fact that “there’s no need for anything, as, in the end, it doesn’t really matter.”

Well, in the end probably it won’t matter, but as of now, it does matter!!


Your tools to build wealth?

Consider ample savings. Claim as much money as you can and make it rightfully yours. But obviously not via evil means.

Savings and investments are what you should do. If needed,  switch to a better job that pays you well and that offers growth!

Have more income to experiment with more money! Your aim should be to build wealth that can compensate your daily needs, even if the market hits high rates of inflation, and you have no source of income!

Take seriously your retirement savings and always pay attention to what inflation can do to your money!

So, build wealth to live for the present and not for the future!

Build wealth even if in the end it doesn’t really matter!

Know what is inflation and what it can do to your money

Know what is inflation and what it can do to your money!

When does an object increases in value, and when does it lose its price?! Is it easy to answer? Yes, it is!

Let’s get this clear. Anything that’s got a huge availability, or one that’s easy to found, doesn’t cost much. Anything that’s rare is costly.

Compare some random objects like Iron and Gold, Pebbles and Coals, Lions and Dogs, Chickens and Lambs, and so on.


Supply and availability is the very general idea that determines an object’s worth.

You can pretty well say that if pollution level keeps on rising the way it is right now, then probably after a few centuries, oxygen and water will become the costliest substances on this Earth. Pheewww!!!

That’s too much to take in, is it?

Here’s the answer; “Inflation” is not something that happens due to an external force. It’s us, the humans, who created currencies, divided lands, assigned values to objects, and hence suffer imbalances in what this world can offer! This imbalance between supply/availability, and demand/necessity is what we may call inflation.


As per economical terms, inflation is the rise of prices of any object, good, or commodity. Deflation, on the other hand, is just the opposite!

If by any chance next year, the farmers see a huge increase in jute cultivation, then prices of jute goodies will drop!

This is how the market works. It thrives on the availability and rarity of products!

What causes inflation?

Very difficult to say! There can be many factors. Natural calamities or disasters, civil war, lack of labors, low supply of products, a sudden increase in demand of a certain object, an abrupt increase in cash flow from reserve banks, and anything that creates a scarcity in an object’s supply or increases drastically the object’s demand!


Why can’t the reserve banks print more notes to fight inflation?

It’s not bad to think like that! I mean seriously, why can’t they just keep on pumping cash?

Well, there’s the problem. Most of the goods that we have, I mean those that have physical or economical existence (bonds, funds, etc.) are limited! On the other hand, the money we have will become endless!

Ultimately what happens is, you are left with extra money after purchasing a good and the money becomes useless! Or the product, you are after, increases in price, as there’s more demand since everyone’s after it because all have the cash!

That’s when inflation occurs!

But throughout the ages, as we know the poor is dominated and the rich get richer while the poor get poorer! That’s because, those who are smart enough to track inflation and those who have the money, buy extra commodities before the market hits inflation! It, in turn, increases the demand because more products are purchased and that results in an increase in the price of the product.

Now the poor can’t buy the product as they still don’t have the money. Plus the price of the product has also increased!!!

What to do then?!

Well, according to the words of Jim Morrison “We could plan a murder Or start a religion.


What Inflation can do to your money?

Money itself has no intrinsic value. It’s worth something because we believe so! Else it can only be used to warm ourselves on a cold winter night by burning them!

No matter who says what inflation can’t be stopped! Our needs are increasing and the only thing that’s becoming cheap is technology! Rest everything is skyrocketing!

Believe it or not, inflation is going to take over you savings sometime soon, if you can’t find ways to increase your amounts!

But one relief is there that with huge rates of inflation, all forms of savings accounts receive higher interest rates!

Still, you can’t rely completely on that as there are exceptions and anomalies!

So invest!
Yes, investment can only save you. Your money should always be working and be a part of the circulation. Hiding it underground will only get useless unless your money’s made of gold or silver or platinum!

The more it is a part of the circulation, the more is it influenced by the rise and fall of inflation!


Footnote: Don’t forget to consult a financial advisor and see what investment options are suitable for you! Also, savings accounts are a part of investments. Always keep one or more savings accounts open. This means bank accounts and not cash stashed under your pillow!

Fun filled DIY Christmas game ideas for your kids

Since Christmas is just next week, it’s only a matter of days before the kids are coming back from school on winter vacation. Apart from that, you might have a toddler for whom you need to plan some fun-filled outdoor games.

So, the best way to keep your kids occupied and entertained is to arrange a christmas activity party. Check out these 4 unique crafts, activities, and games for your kids.

1. Poke-a-tree game

It is a game about finding gifts, hidden inside a tree. Kids will love to punch through the tissue paper to grab hidden gifts.

What you need: Green paper cups, Tissue paper, Rubber bands, glue, color pen.

How to play:

Fold a stack of tissue paper into fourths and cut out circles from from them. Place a toy, or other gifts inside paper cups. Attach a matching tissue paper circle on top of the paper cups. Use a rubber band to hold the tissue paper circle in place.
Use hot glue the cups to the foam core sheet like a Christmas tree shape.
Cut a tree trunk shape from papers and attach it straight under the last row of cups.
To play the game, poke your finger through the tissue paper and get the prizes.

2. Snowman drawing game

Ask your kids to draw a snowman on a large paper. The winner will get a amazing gift.

What you need: Large paper sheets, Color markers or pen.

How to draw:

This is a simple Snowman Game that can be played anywhere. It’s perfect to teach kids how to draw properly. This game is about growing interest about drawing skill.

Everyone must have large piece of paper.
KIds have to draw a snowman using the marker.
No one should peek each other’s’ papers.
Kids must complete the drawing by coloring it fully.
The best drawing will be rewarded with surprize gift, and others also get consolation prizes.

3. Snowman slam game

You can craft simple snowmen by using cups. Kids love tossing fake snowballs and knocking them down! This snowman slam game is very easy and takes little time for preparation.

What you need: White cups, white socks, black & orange craft foam, glue, scissors.

How to play it:

To make the snowmen, decorate six white cups by black and orange craft foam. Make tight the snowballs by using three white socks.

This game is easy, and the girls also love it. The idea is simple; toss the snowballs to knock down the snowmen.

4. DIY snow paint game

It is a great art activity during winter. Kids learn using of vibrant colors by using food dye, water, and spray bottles. Your kids can spend hours while making masterpiece after masterpiece in the snow.

What you need: spray bottles, non–toxic food color, water.

How to make it:

To create your DIY Snow Paint, fill the spray bottles with water. Then, add food color or dye to get the proper color you need. Screw the lid tightly of the bottle, and give it a good shake. You can adjust the nozzle to create a finer mist, or a more concentrated spray. You can mix colors, write out a Christmas message, draw pictures.
Round up your kids, and make sure that they are wearing deep colored, warm snow clothes. Start painting, and have fun. The things you need are easy to find, so it’s a great activity within low budget.

5 Movies and 3 budgeting tips that will rock this Christmas

Christmas is the best time for movies and the celebrations are not done, till you, your cousins, your friends and nearly every hooligan you know,sit down to watch the coolest of movies in the chilly night!
I will try to give in the names of new releases for this year. So anyone searching for vintage classics won’t find it here. Pardon me for that.

These are the movies to watch this Christmas:
Number 1: Murder on the Orient Express:
Nothing gets better when it comes to a mysterious night on Christmas.
And that’s exactly what Agatha Christie talks through her novels.
Director and actor Kenneth Branagh brings the showdown with his newly released work “The Murder on the Orient Express”.
I won’t talk about how the movie opens up, or how it progresses. All I can say is the movie surely gives a call to its audience, and makes it worth a second watch!
Johnny Depp played the role of Senneth Ratchett, the businessman who gets murdered on board!
Branagh plays Hercule Poirot himself, and Penelope Cruz is the melancholic missionary Pilar Estravados.
It will surely make your Christmas as the movie’s all snow, cold and dark!

Number 2: Jumanji- Welcome to the JunGLe!
We can never forget the Robin Williams starrer Jumanji, that released back in 2004. Hell that was some movie man!
But there’s nothing to worry, we have Dwayne Johnson a.k.a ROCK in this movie.
“ A Game For Those, Who Seek To Find, The Way To Leave Their World Behind!”
Can any caption give you such a good feeling? Like escape from Reality?? (Except Harry Potter I mean)!!!
So gear up fellas, it’s just going to make your day as the film gets released on December 20th!
Grab your tickets and get into action!

Number 3: DUNKIRK.
Guess two names will be enough, Christopher Nolan and Tom Hardy!
Even though this released way back in the mid of 2017, on 13th July, you can still watch it this Christmas.
The show will get even better, if you can get someone along with you, who has not watched it yet!
Critics have seriously stated that this is Christopher Nolan’s best film till date and probably the best war movie ever made.
To be practical what else can we expect from the creator of such masterpieces like The Prestige, Inception, Interstellar and the Batman??
So watch it again, and suggest it to your other friends too!

Number 4: HangMan.
Al Pacino is back with the new crime thriller film, that is expected to rock the film garden this year!
Nothing ever gets bad or wrong with this Pacino guy! He is the Man, and he comes with HangMan!
The movie plot is intriguing as the murders are based on the children game Hangman!
Even though the movie seems a bit complex, but the fingers are crossed, and let’s see how Pacino’s going to play it!

Number 5: COCO.
The most highly rated animation movie of this year.
COCO has already received high critical acclaim, and as of december 11, 2017, COCO has grossed $136.8 million in the United states and Canada.
The film has been praised for its graphics and visuals, and is said to be a treat for the eye!
You seriously don’t want your kids to miss it!
The film revolves around a small girl named COCO who wants to take up music as her life, but her family is no music at all!
See what happens as a Gig is about start and dead skeletons are coming for a visit from the Land Of The Dead!

Movies are fun, and Christmas celebration is the biggest priority!
But at the end of the day we must also keep a look at our pockets, so that celebration blasts don’t burn holes in them!
Along with good movies, friends, drinks and foods you must also be able to hold your finances steady!

Here are 3 budgeting tips for Christmas:
Don’t let the moment’s magic take control over you.
People are careless about money when it comes to festivals! But you should know how much you can spend.
Set up a budget now itself.
Make a list of all the possible expenses you are about to make, including the movie tickets and all!
Now add a few more bucks on top of your budget for emergency cash and happy spending!
This is the only decent idea I can come up with!

Sell unwanted items that you haven’t used for this year.
This is a great way to add some extra cash that can definitely buy you a few cocktails at a nightclub.
Old furniture? Sell it.
Old clothes? Sell it.
Old gadgets? Sell it.
Anything old and you don’t use, sell it!
Actually make it a habit to sell unwanted items every year in Christmas, and clean your house to make room for the new!

Make a savings plan for each Christmas:
This is my top notch suggestion for you!
If you really want your Christmas to be a grande party every year, then plan to do savings!
Open up an account and stash away an amount each month, and see it grow.
Voila! After 12 months, you are all set for a killer bumpy ride!
I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New year!
Do watch the movies and comment your views.
Also try to budget out your Christmas the coolest way with the budgeting tips I gave.

Last minute Thanksgiving recipes

Maybe you have to work on Thanksgiving Day. Or maybe you have any sudden issue for which you couldn’t plan on hosting Thanksgiving dinner. Or maybe you’ve planned on hosting Thanksgiving but haven’t had a chance to decide the menu. Here’s what you can do to save the day:

You can feed eight people, but it’d be pretty easy if you want to make it for four. You just need to cut it in half.

1. Roast the turkey in pieces

Cut the turkey in several pieces (two bone-in breast pieces and two whole legs) before roasting.

The benefits are:

It’ll cook faster. It’ll take only 20 mins and keep keep all the moisture and flavor intact.
It’s easy to add more flavors and juice without tempering the shape. Brush melted butter under and over the skin. Place the pieces on a baking sheet and pour some wine around.
The pan juice can be used as a flavored sauce if you want more gravy.

2. Serve a delicious kale salad

To add something green and fresh with the turkey, you can use a kale and Brussels sprout recipe. It’ll add an italian flavor to your meal. It’ll take 20 minutes only to make it. Use your food processor to slice the kale, almonds, apple, cheddar, and brussels sprouts.

3. Roast some squash and sweet potatoes

You can roast a bunch of sweet potatoes and Delicata squash. Try to cut these veggies into proper circles. Then serve the pieces on a circular platter and highlight the plate with fresh thyme sprigs and red-pepper flakes. It’s ready, place it in the oven for roasting.

Now, to add more variety you can prepare a gorgeous cranberry agrodolce. It’s a great sweet and sour italian dish, perfect for any occasion. You’ll require tart cranberries, red-wine vinegar, and sugar. You can use it as a condiment for the roasted turkey.

4. Make a skillet stuffing

Stuffing is must for any good recipe you make for Thanksgiving. So, on this occasion you can create a stuffing that’ll increase the taste of your turkey much more. For that, you’ll require ingredients like wild mushrooms (it’s the best thing for stuffing), hot & spicy Italian sausages, some fresh sage, and corns for extra flavour. You can also use white wine, grated cheese to make it richer and tastier. It’ll also take 20 to 25 mins, voila!! It’s ready to serve.

5. Make a frozen puff pastry

Now it’s time to prepare the dessert for Thanksgiving menu. You can prepare a maple-pear sheet tart, within 10 min. Just put it in the oven before starting up the dinner. You can use vanilla ice cream for dressing and pour some Italian amaro to drink after.

Veterans day – Best deals and offers for your brave soldiers

Why do we celebrate Veterans Day? Basically, to celebrate and to honor the brave soldiers, who have sacrificed their lives in America’s battles.

Veteran’s day was first celebrated as “Armistice Day”, on the occasion of the winning the war World War I between the Allies and Germany, at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month, 1918. Later, after winning the war over the Axis Powers in World War II, in 1954 the name was changed to “Veterans Day.”

It’s a day to honor American soldiers of all wars, for their sacrifice, patriotism and the commitment to serve for the good of the nation.

Veterans Day this year will be on Saturday, November 11th, 2017 and declared as a Federal Holiday on Friday, November 10th, 2017.

To pay respect to our veterans, popular stores like Walgreens, Lowe’s, and Dollar General offer attractive Veterans Day discounts.

Check out this 2017’s deals:

1. Sunday, November 5, 2017

McCormick and Schmick’s Free Entree

Veterans and Gold Star families are offered a complimentary lunch or dinner at McCormick and Schmick’s on Sunday, November 5th, 2017.

2. Friday AND Saturday November 10-11, 2017

BJ’s Restaurant

All active military personnel and veterans can opt for a complimentary entree under $12.95 on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th November 2017. Any guests over age 21 can enjoy an alcoholic beverage for $6. Guests must provide their military IDs to get this offer.

3. Friday/Saturday/Sunday November 10, 11, 12, 2017

Spaghetti Warehouse (Buy 1 Get 1 Free Meal)

Get a special “buy one entree, get one free” coupon offer from Spaghetti Warehouse. You can redeem coupons from 10th November through 12th November. The coupons will be available from 3rd November on the Spaghetti Warehouse website.

4. Friday, November 10, 2017

Firebirds Wood Fired Grill

Veterans or active duty service members can get free lunch or dinner on Friday.

5. Saturday November 11, 2017


Applebee’s will provide Veterans and Active Duty Military members free meal, select from a limited menu on Veteran’s Day. You need to provide proof of service.

Bob Evans

Bob Evans Restaurants are providing free select menu items to Veterans and active duty military on Veterans day.

Cicis Pizza

Free pizza will be provided if anyone shows a valid Military ID.

Friendly’s Free Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

Friendly’s is giving a free dine-in breakfast, lunch or dinner from select menus to veterans, active members of US army by showing valid IDs on 11-11-2017.

Hy-Vee Free Breakfast

Hy-Vee is providing a free breakfast buffet during regular breakfast hours on Veterans Day.

K&W Cafeteria

They are also offering free meal includes choice of entrée, two vegetables, bread and beverage. Guests need to submit valid military ID on Veterans Day. Offer valid from 11a.m. to closing.

Little Caesars Pizza

On Saturday, 11th November 2017, from 11am to 2pm, veterans and active military members can get a free $5 HOT-N-READY® Lunch Combo at Little Caesars Pizza.

6. Sunday, November 12, 2017

Centraarchy Restaurants

On Sunday, November 12, veterans and active army personnel can get a free entrée. There are several restaurants who also provide such offers, they are – California Dreaming, The Tavern at Phipps, Chophouse ’47, Carolina Roadhouse, Joey D’s Oak Room, Burro Loco, Chophouse New Orleans, New York Prime, Gulfstream Cafe, etc.

7. Monday, November 13, 2017

Golden Corral

On this day, from 5 PM to 9 PM, Golden Corral offers a free sit-in “thank you” dinner for veterans, retirees, and active duty personnel.

Save money without making any frugal plan

What you’ll think if I told you that you can save dollars without doing anything or without making any frugal plan? I guess you will be shocked or assume that I’m just kidding?

When you fall in debt, it’s hard to get rid of it. So, it’s better if you can save enough money to pay off your debts easily.

It was easy to learn about the conventional ways to save money by reading tutorials, or by following online videos, TV shows, or from Ebooks. But how about saving money without doing nothing, is there any way?

After a lot of research and discussion with my friends, I have found few ways to save dollars doing nothing or without any frugal plan. Let’s check them out guys.

  1. Quit drinking and smoking

Everybody should hate drinking and smoking. Actually it is ridiculous spending $120 on liquor or cigarettes. They actually have zero health benefits. Additionally, the cost of alcohol or cigarettes is high. There’s no meaning of converting your hard earned money into ashes.

Healthwise, both nicotine and alcohol can make you sick. Cigarettes causes lung cancer and alcohol may damage your liver.

The average cost of cigarettes are between $6 and $8. Expensive ones cost around $12.85. Recently, Mayor Bill de Blasio in New York announced that the cost of cigarettes will be increased to $13 from $10, each pack. So, if you are a chain smoker, then your total monthly expense will be sky high. Check out the price of cigarettes state-by-state and compare the prices. It’s better just quit smoking…you know.

  1. Say “No” to drugs

Never trust a person who is into drugs; even in vacations. Drugs have dragged too many people into living hell. Drugs not only affect your health and finances, but also demolished your family life. You’ll become isolated from your family, friends, even from society.

The drug is an addiction. Stay away from people who used to have recreational drugs. Selling and buying drugs is an illegal offence. So, avoid drugs at any cost.

  1. Stop pinning

We, humans are selfish, greedy and unsatisfied in every aspect. They pine for costly things which they don’t even require. People want fast cars, want to watch latest movies, want to wear the trendiest fashion, use the latest sound system, play latest video games, etc. What we fail to understand that these are only waste of money, nothing more.

If you want to save money, then stop pining for the greatest things. You can buy a good conditioned used car, a second hand music system may also give you the same experience. You can play free online video games. You can read free eBooks. You can watch latest movies later online, totally free. It’s that easy.

  1. Avoid junk foods

Don’t forget one thing, the more you eat, the more you pay. Junk foods not only make you fatter, but also drain your savings. It is tough to ignore delicious burgers, pizzas, french fries, ice cream, cookies, and hot dogs. But you must draw a line.

Start avoiding junk foods for a month. You’ll be surprised that your body and wallet, both will become healthy..


Drive safely and obey traffic rules. It will help you to save a good amount on auto insurance premiums. The lower your premium, the lower will be your car maintenance cost. Accidents not only can ruin your life, but it can cause fatal damage to someone else.

Lifestyle habits that can save you huge amount of money

Sometimes the difficult thing of money saving habit is just how you can start the habit itself. It is really very difficult to find out easy ways to save money and how you can use your savings to reach your financial goals. So, let’s discuss few basic tips that can help you to develop a realistic money savings habit.

  1. Make a list of the expenses

The first step would be figuring out the amount of your spending. Keep track of all your expenses. This may include the cost of newspaper, coffee/snacks, etc. After getting the data, categorize them according to their total amount. You can use your credit card or bank statements as reference.

  1. Plan a budget

Once you have the idea of your monthly spending limit, you can execute a budget and try to fit your expenses into it. Apart from your monthly expenses, you must also consider expenses that occur often but not regularly. These may include car maintenance cost, home renovation, etc.

  1. Make a strategy on saving

After planning the budget, try to put away 10–15 % of your income as savings. If you save money every day as well as reduce your fixed monthly expenses,  very soon you’ll be able to build up a good saving habit.

  1. Choose a goal to save for

Try to set a goal. You need a specific target for which you’ll cut off expenses and save money. Figure out how much time you need to save for it. If you need help figuring out a time frame.

These are some examples of short- and long-term goals:

Short-term (1–3 years)

  • Emergency fund (3–9 months of living expenses)
  • Vacation expenses
  • Down payment for your bike or car

Long-term (4+ years)

  • Retirement investments
  • Child’s education
  • Down payment for your new home or any remodeling job

If you’re saving money for your child’s higher education and your retirement fund, then you may invest your money in IRA or a 529 plan. These investments might come come with risks but they also give you good, compounded returns if you plan properly.

  1. Initiate automatic saving

Almost all banks offer automated transfers between your checking and savings accounts. You should decide the time, the amount , and the account where you’ll transfer the money to. You can also divide your income between your checking and savings accounts. Automated transfers are a great way today to save money as you don’t have to twice about separating money into two accounts manually.

  1. Keep noticing your savings

Check your progress every month. Keep eyes on your checking and savings account. This will not only help you to stick to your savings plan but it also helps you identify and fix problems quickly.

These easy tips to save money will be very helpful to you and will inspire you to build a good money saving habit.


The one BIG problem with your 401k

Great guest post from William Cain over at

With the popularity of the 401k growing across America, more people than ever are jumping on the compounding interest, employer match bandwagon. And who wouldn’t! Your employer is giving you “free money.” If you’re not currently signed up then stop reading this and sign up now! It’s one of the best retirement vehicles on the market today.

Most employers draft it from your paycheck (pay yourself first!), and you can also select a Roth option if available. Most experts recommend contributing at least 15% of your income to ensure you’ll have a comfortable and adequate retirement. But who really wants comfortable and adequate??? Not me, and definitely not my fiance’s shoe closet.

So let’s say you up it to 15% of your $85,000/year household income and your employer matches 5%. Nice, up to 20%! Bring on that McMansion.

We’ll also assume it returns a 7% interest rate per year on average. How are we looking 35 years from now when we have to retire???



So we’re going to be totally “multi” millionaires and burn $100 bills to light our $200 cigars with our $300 bottle of Pappy Van Winkle.

Not so fast. Here are some things to think about.

First, the money you contributed was pre-tax, which means once you take it out the government will want to collect on it AND the profits. Stupid taxes. The amount depends on which tax bracket it puts you in when you decide to withdraw. While we don’t know the tax climate 35 years from now, let’s say 15%.

$2,450,000 x .15% = $2,085,500. Still ok right?

But wait, there’s more!

Here’s the secret retirement killer, that hits everyone just the same regardless of how smart or dumb you were with your money.


It’s a scary word.

Using an excellent future inflation calculator
we can guestimate how much our remaining retirement monies will be worth in today’s dollars when we retire.

In this example, accounting for a 3%/year inflation rate, in today’s dollars, it leaves us with the same spending power as $741,000…


At age 65 this is the same monthly purchasing power as $5,638 and at 85 it’s $3,122.

Sure, hopefully, we’ve had our house paid off, rarely get new cars, and settle down into watching TV 8 hours a day. However, some people’s expenses actually increase once they retire. They now have the time to travel, play golf or a massage every week. What about medical bills? You know they’re coming, it just depends on how big they’re going to be. The average retired couple spends approximately $250,000 during retirement just on premiums! Are you helping your grandchildren through college? Helping your adult children through, well, adulting. There are so many factors and possibilities being supported on an ever-dwindling income.

So let’s reverse engineer it. Let’s figure out the kind of life we want in retirement, the things that are important to us, that we think may be important to us, and create a buffer the unexpected.

Next, let’s find out how much is it going to take to have the life we want in 2052 using our future inflation calculator.

Lastly, using simple 401k calculator lets see how much we really need to be contributing to hit our goals.

This isn’t meant to scare anyone or show unattainable goals and savings, but rather to shed light on how our retirement could truly shape up to be. The worst thing possible is to get to retirement only to realize it’s not the life you thought you had created, and it’s better to start working on a plan now to prepare then later.

This also highlights the need for additional passive sources of income among other well thought out investment strategies.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this article and I’m always open to learning about topics that are of interest to you! Please send me an email, pigeon, or hit me up on the blog in the comments section.

As always, happy adulting out there!

stay healthy tips

5 basic tips to stay healthy while you are in college

Sometimes, due to the frequent classes, homework, meetings and your social lifestyle, you may skip the habit of keeping a good health. Being a student is tough, you might think that health is such a topic which you don’t have to bother much. But developing healthy habits can help you to stay healthy throughout your total lifespan. Here are 5 tips that’ll help you to stay healthy being a college student.

1. Eat properly

Eating healthy food can help you to boost your body’s immune system. Sometimes it’s not possible to eat healthy food during college, but there are easy ways you can manage your eating habits.

First, don’t skip breakfast. Grabbing a cake or banana might give you the boost to carry on throughout the day. Try not to skip meals. You always need to eat when you are hungry, don’t kill it. Take a bowl full of salad or sandwich as per your requirement.

Keep these three things in your mind while eating foods – quality, variety and balance. Try to maintain a balance between dairy foods, whole grains, veggies, fruits, and ofcourse..protein intake daily.

2. Sleep properly

Good sleep is required to maintain a balance between your physical and mental strength. It will help to keep your metabolism rate normal, improve your memory, and removes toxins from the muscles.

Lack of sleep reduces your energy, concentration power, increases anxiety, and depression. Lack of sleep also increase in appetite, and that may cause a weight gain. Try to maintain a regular sleeping pattern of minimum 7 hours at night, wake up early and exercise.

3. Exercise well

Doing exercise in a busy college schedule is difficult. But today, most of the colleges have arrangements for students to get exercise. But initially you can start exercising by walking to your class. Depending on your class schedule, you can do this for 20 minutes to 1 hour everyday.

Most colleges also offer free or discounted memberships to gyms. Consider your gym class like an extra class in your daily routine.

You can try different forms of exercises like – kickboxing, cycling, swimming, yoga, tennis, or soccer. These are all great ways to become fit.

4. Choose your drink carefully

There are four types of drinks or beverages that can affect your health. These are 1. alcohol, 2. soda and soft drinks, 3. caffeinated drinks, and 4. water.

The excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks can damage your health. Studies reveal that if you consume alcohol regularly, it will impair your ability to absorb nutrients.

Intake of soft drinks, sodas, and sweetened fruit juices can cause abnormal weight gain and improper digestion. SO TRY TO AVOID THEM AS MUCH AS YOU CAN.

Caffeinated drinks like tea or coffee can make your body dehydrated, make sure to intake two glasses of water for every coffee or energy drink you consume. Also, too much drinking coffee can hamper your quality of sleep at night.

Make sure you drink plenty of water everyday. Drinking plenty of water can increase your appetite, removes toxins from your body, and also keeps your stomach fit. Try to drink a glass of water every hour.

5. Wash your hands properly

Washing your hands can save you from multiple germ infections, and viruses. College students are always in close contact with others, so it is easier to catch colds or viruses. Wash your hands properly before every meal, while touching your eyes, nose or mouth.

6. Avoid smoking

Smoking causes cancer, and many more lung diseases, heart disease and emphysema. For those who want to quit smoking, can join student health centers for several anti-smoking programs.