Last minute Thanksgiving recipes

Maybe you have to work on Thanksgiving Day. Or maybe you have any sudden issue for which you couldn’t plan on hosting Thanksgiving dinner. Or maybe you’ve planned on hosting Thanksgiving but haven’t had a chance to decide the menu. Here’s what you can do to save the day:

You can feed eight people, but it’d be pretty easy if you want to make it for four. You just need to cut it in half.

1. Roast the turkey in pieces

Cut the turkey in several pieces (two bone-in breast pieces and two whole legs) before roasting.

The benefits are:

It’ll cook faster. It’ll take only 20 mins and keep keep all the moisture and flavor intact.
It’s easy to add more flavors and juice without tempering the shape. Brush melted butter under and over the skin. Place the pieces on a baking sheet and pour some wine around.
The pan juice can be used as a flavored sauce if you want more gravy.

2. Serve a delicious kale salad

To add something green and fresh with the turkey, you can use a kale and Brussels sprout recipe. It’ll add an italian flavor to your meal. It’ll take 20 minutes only to make it. Use your food processor to slice the kale, almonds, apple, cheddar, and brussels sprouts.

3. Roast some squash and sweet potatoes

You can roast a bunch of sweet potatoes and Delicata squash. Try to cut these veggies into proper circles. Then serve the pieces on a circular platter and highlight the plate with fresh thyme sprigs and red-pepper flakes. It’s ready, place it in the oven for roasting.

Now, to add more variety you can prepare a gorgeous cranberry agrodolce. It’s a great sweet and sour italian dish, perfect for any occasion. You’ll require tart cranberries, red-wine vinegar, and sugar. You can use it as a condiment for the roasted turkey.

4. Make a skillet stuffing

Stuffing is must for any good recipe you make for Thanksgiving. So, on this occasion you can create a stuffing that’ll increase the taste of your turkey much more. For that, you’ll require ingredients like wild mushrooms (it’s the best thing for stuffing), hot & spicy Italian sausages, some fresh sage, and corns for extra flavour. You can also use white wine, grated cheese to make it richer and tastier. It’ll also take 20 to 25 mins, voila!! It’s ready to serve.

5. Make a frozen puff pastry

Now it’s time to prepare the dessert for Thanksgiving menu. You can prepare a maple-pear sheet tart, within 10 min. Just put it in the oven before starting up the dinner. You can use vanilla ice cream for dressing and pour some Italian amaro to drink after.