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Pocket friendly mothers day gift ideas for 2019

Pocket friendly mother’s day gift ideas for 2019

Mother’s Day is the most important day for every mother we have encountered in our life. There’s no other way to say “thank you” to the woman who gave us the gift of life and share the joy to be alive. The eternal love we get from our mother is precious. So, we must find a great gift to honor our mother and praise her presence in our life. That’s why let’s check out some of the best Mother’s Day gift ideas for every mom on your list which is also pocket friendly.

1. Bouquet of flowers

This is the most classic Mother’s Day gift we can ever choose. You can buy a cheap bouquets from your local market, or you can order online from a branded store. Either way, your mom will appreciate this gift and the happiness will be visible in her smile.

2. Organize a family outing

Mother’s Day normally comes during the spring holidays and always falls on a Sunday. So, you may arrange a family outing during this amazing weather. The occasion will be gorgeous and you don’t have to think about running towards home from work to spend time together as a family.

One of the most popular family outing places is your nearby park and that could be one of the best pocket friendly gift ideas. You can see many seasonal flowers, the little ducks swimming in the pond, the green atmosphere blending with the families walking together.

3. Prepare mom’s favorite dinner

Spring is the best time to have a BBQ or have a nice homemade dinner for your mom. Cook Mom’s favorite dinner and make sure to add her favorite ice cream. After all, it’s your mom who made your life sweeter than sugar.

4. Clean/repair/improve the house

Mom’s normally engage herself with the cleaning duties. So, give her a break from work and do all the cleaning of the house. Do all the work when Mom is out of the house, or taking rest by enjoying some quiet time.

You may also include some repair/improvement work while your mom isn’t there at home. Give her a surprise by painting a room, or mowing the lawn, or replacing the kitchen doors.

5. Digitized her old photos and videos

You may use your scanner to scan her old pics to digitize the whole albums. Do the same with her old home movies and present her a  copy of those pics and videos. She can enjoy them on her laptop or on her phone.

6. Provide a manicure, pedicure, and massage service

Moms must have pampered you when you were kids, right? So, you should pamper her also, and they deserve it. You may gift her a gift certificate to a salon where she can get a manicure, pedicure, and massage service totally free of cost. Moms will definitely appreciate this gift idea and that is too very pocket friendly.

7. Gift her a mug with written messages

If you stay away from your home and share a long-distance relationship with your parents, this message-wrapped mug can remind you that you’re always connected to each other. You may even customize the mug with pics, names, songs, and clip arts.

8. A full box of chocolate

Last but not least, no one’s ever disliked chocolate in the whole universe. A box full of brown delights can melt anyone’s heart. You can try to convince your mom to share some with you, too.

So, have you made up your mind yet? Do it now as the special day is coming next week 🙂

Last minute Thanksgiving recipes

Maybe you have to work on Thanksgiving Day. Or maybe you have any sudden issue for which you couldn’t plan on hosting Thanksgiving dinner. Or maybe you’ve planned on hosting Thanksgiving but haven’t had a chance to decide the menu. Here’s what you can do to save the day:

You can feed eight people, but it’d be pretty easy if you want to make it for four. You just need to cut it in half.

1. Roast the turkey in pieces

Cut the turkey in several pieces (two bone-in breast pieces and two whole legs) before roasting.

The benefits are:

It’ll cook faster. It’ll take only 20 mins and keep keep all the moisture and flavor intact.
It’s easy to add more flavors and juice without tempering the shape. Brush melted butter under and over the skin. Place the pieces on a baking sheet and pour some wine around.
The pan juice can be used as a flavored sauce if you want more gravy.

2. Serve a delicious kale salad

To add something green and fresh with the turkey, you can use a kale and Brussels sprout recipe. It’ll add an italian flavor to your meal. It’ll take 20 minutes only to make it. Use your food processor to slice the kale, almonds, apple, cheddar, and brussels sprouts.

3. Roast some squash and sweet potatoes

You can roast a bunch of sweet potatoes and Delicata squash. Try to cut these veggies into proper circles. Then serve the pieces on a circular platter and highlight the plate with fresh thyme sprigs and red-pepper flakes. It’s ready, place it in the oven for roasting.

Now, to add more variety you can prepare a gorgeous cranberry agrodolce. It’s a great sweet and sour italian dish, perfect for any occasion. You’ll require tart cranberries, red-wine vinegar, and sugar. You can use it as a condiment for the roasted turkey.

4. Make a skillet stuffing

Stuffing is must for any good recipe you make for Thanksgiving. So, on this occasion you can create a stuffing that’ll increase the taste of your turkey much more. For that, you’ll require ingredients like wild mushrooms (it’s the best thing for stuffing), hot & spicy Italian sausages, some fresh sage, and corns for extra flavour. You can also use white wine, grated cheese to make it richer and tastier. It’ll also take 20 to 25 mins, voila!! It’s ready to serve.

5. Make a frozen puff pastry

Now it’s time to prepare the dessert for Thanksgiving menu. You can prepare a maple-pear sheet tart, within 10 min. Just put it in the oven before starting up the dinner. You can use vanilla ice cream for dressing and pour some Italian amaro to drink after.

Veterans day – Best deals and offers for your brave soldiers

Why do we celebrate Veterans Day? Basically, to celebrate and to honor the brave soldiers, who have sacrificed their lives in America’s battles.

Veteran’s day was first celebrated as “Armistice Day”, on the occasion of the winning the war World War I between the Allies and Germany, at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month, 1918. Later, after winning the war over the Axis Powers in World War II, in 1954 the name was changed to “Veterans Day.”

It’s a day to honor American soldiers of all wars, for their sacrifice, patriotism and the commitment to serve for the good of the nation.

Veterans Day this year will be on Saturday, November 11th, 2017 and declared as a Federal Holiday on Friday, November 10th, 2017.

To pay respect to our veterans, popular stores like Walgreens, Lowe’s, and Dollar General offer attractive Veterans Day discounts.

Check out this 2017’s deals:

1. Sunday, November 5, 2017

McCormick and Schmick’s Free Entree

Veterans and Gold Star families are offered a complimentary lunch or dinner at McCormick and Schmick’s on Sunday, November 5th, 2017.

2. Friday AND Saturday November 10-11, 2017

BJ’s Restaurant

All active military personnel and veterans can opt for a complimentary entree under $12.95 on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th November 2017. Any guests over age 21 can enjoy an alcoholic beverage for $6. Guests must provide their military IDs to get this offer.

3. Friday/Saturday/Sunday November 10, 11, 12, 2017

Spaghetti Warehouse (Buy 1 Get 1 Free Meal)

Get a special “buy one entree, get one free” coupon offer from Spaghetti Warehouse. You can redeem coupons from 10th November through 12th November. The coupons will be available from 3rd November on the Spaghetti Warehouse website.

4. Friday, November 10, 2017

Firebirds Wood Fired Grill

Veterans or active duty service members can get free lunch or dinner on Friday.

5. Saturday November 11, 2017


Applebee’s will provide Veterans and Active Duty Military members free meal, select from a limited menu on Veteran’s Day. You need to provide proof of service.

Bob Evans

Bob Evans Restaurants are providing free select menu items to Veterans and active duty military on Veterans day.

Cicis Pizza

Free pizza will be provided if anyone shows a valid Military ID.

Friendly’s Free Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

Friendly’s is giving a free dine-in breakfast, lunch or dinner from select menus to veterans, active members of US army by showing valid IDs on 11-11-2017.

Hy-Vee Free Breakfast

Hy-Vee is providing a free breakfast buffet during regular breakfast hours on Veterans Day.

K&W Cafeteria

They are also offering free meal includes choice of entrée, two vegetables, bread and beverage. Guests need to submit valid military ID on Veterans Day. Offer valid from 11a.m. to closing.

Little Caesars Pizza

On Saturday, 11th November 2017, from 11am to 2pm, veterans and active military members can get a free $5 HOT-N-READY® Lunch Combo at Little Caesars Pizza.

6. Sunday, November 12, 2017

Centraarchy Restaurants

On Sunday, November 12, veterans and active army personnel can get a free entrée. There are several restaurants who also provide such offers, they are – California Dreaming, The Tavern at Phipps, Chophouse ’47, Carolina Roadhouse, Joey D’s Oak Room, Burro Loco, Chophouse New Orleans, New York Prime, Gulfstream Cafe, etc.

7. Monday, November 13, 2017

Golden Corral

On this day, from 5 PM to 9 PM, Golden Corral offers a free sit-in “thank you” dinner for veterans, retirees, and active duty personnel.

Beware young parents – Avoid 5 greatest financial mistakes

One of the toughest job you have to perform as a parent is to raising a young child. This job will involve most of the time in your daily routine. There is so much you have to do in very short time that you might have ignore the financial life of your child. So, do not underestimate the importance of financial planning in your child’s life. Check out the below given mistakes which you should avoid being young parent.

  1. Living without an emergency fund – Did you saved enough money to carry out daily expenses and bills ? If not, set up a financial goal and open a savings account to gather emergency funds. Try to deposit minimum of $50 every month. There is a chance of sudden job loss, for both the parents. So, it is advised to save for total expenses for 3 months to 6 months at least. It will buy you enough time to find a new job. It would also help you in the time of crisis like an unexpected home repair or a medical issue.
  1. Not preparing for the retirement – Most or the parents save money for their kid’s college expenses, but they always ignore the retirement. Do the opposite. If any problem arises, you can opt for a student loan, but you can not borrow money for your retirement days. You must allocate funds from each month’s income for your future days. Choose a 401(k) account if possible. Another option is a Roth IRA or a traditional IRA.
  1. Not opening a savings account for your child – Open a savings account for your son or daughter. Give him or her a certain amount per month and ask them to deposit that amount into their personal account. By this way you can teach them saving habits which will encourage them to save for future. You can also put a certain amount in a 529 college-savings plan. The fund will be tax-free if it is only used for college expenses.
  1. Ignoring eligible tax savings – You might be aware of the personal exemption of tax by $3,950 per child, but somehow you missed the opportunity. These deduction will include the child tax credit up to $1,000 (it will be based on your income), child- and dependent-care (coverage given up to 35% of the cost of daycare and day camp), tax credit for adoption (up to $13,190) and tuition fee for special-needy students.
  2. Not having a health-care “flexible spending account” (FSA) – Most of the big companies allow you to separate some pretax dollars, which you can use to met out-of-pocket medical expenses. For now, this opportunity is given only to 1 in 5 employees. Gather up all your documents like prescription, bills, doctor and dental expenses from the last 12 months, and allocate that amount for enrollment. This step will save your health and medical costs by 20% to 50%.

Gain financial stability and success – Few habits to consider part 2

Hi folks… This is the continuation of the last post of mine. Hope you’ll enjoy these one also.


  • Avoid and manage your debts – You need to set up a debt elimination plan, if you have any credit card debts or any other personal debts like loans etc. List up your debts from lower amount to higher amount. You can target the topmost debt amount, which is the lowest of the list. You can easily pay off that amount. Gradually you will pay off the whole list of debts. Then calculate the total amount of the payment and add it with the next debt amount in the list. Continue this procedure with your extra saving funds and go along, until you pay off all your debts. This might take few years, but it’s a quite easy and required process.
  • Implement envelope system – Envelope system is a budget based technique. Suppose you maintain 3 funds to pay off your debts easily – 1) Daily groceries 2) one for gas, 3) one for foods. Gather these amount on payday, and put them in three separate envelopes. By this way you can easily calculate and track, how much you have paid till now. It will help you to manage your money when you truly need it badly. You can’t over spend by this way. If you notice that your budget is finishing very fast, you must rethink your budget.
  • Pay bills immediately or automatically – A very good habit is to pay your debt burdens, means all bills as soon as possible. Try to pay as much as possible also, as the more you’ll be paying the lesser you have to pay in future. If you can initiate an automatic deduction from your account to pay monthly bills, it would be great. For those who can’t, they can utilize bank’s online check system for making regular automatic payments.
  • Do research and read more – The more you read about personal finances, the more you’ll know about different tips and tricks to save money.You’ll know how to live a simple life with saving more. You’ll learn new strategies to manage daily expenses in such a way that your costs will be lower and you can gather funds for future utilities.

Search new ideas to increase net worth – You can try new ways to grow your net worth. You can lower your debt, you can grow your savings or develop your income capacity, whatever you want to do. Always find new ideas for growth of income. As soon as you can see increase in your net worth, you’ll be boosted to work more hard than ever.

Gain financial stability and success – Few habits to consider part 1

You need to develop good financial habits to achieve any goal. Similarly, if you want to gain financial stability and total success in your life, you must also need to work hard to grow constructive habits. As we all know, bad financial habits can make your financial life miserable, similarly good financial habits can also make your finances grow more than ever. So, let’s have a list of some common good financial habits which we can implement in our daily life.

Here goes the list in no particular order:


  • Make a automatic savings – If you don’t have any savings yet for emergency costs, this habit     will be useful for you. This will be just like separating a monthly     payment to a creditor, the point is..that creditor will be you absolutely!! Make sure that you enable an automatic deduction of a certain amount, from your checking account to an external online     savings account. You don’t have to remember about this transaction,     assume it was never happen. Just remember one thing, make sure it should deducted from your income every month. You’ll find a lump sum fund if anytime you need an urgent cash.
  • Hold on to your impulses – In today’s world, we are very much obsessed with impulse spending habits. We love outdoor time spending along with eating out, movies,     shopping and buying online. These activities actually drains out our finances heavily. It also affects the budget plans which we might have prepared for our future activities. So, don’t get too much overboard with your spending habits and save your money.
  • Evaluate your expenses – Like a frugal individual, you must try to examine your spending habits for at least one month. Check your expenses regularly, and decide     which costs can be neglected. Give priority the important expenses like rent, utility bills, mortgage payments etc and if you can..ignore the unimportant ones like buying movie tickets, shopping, eating etc. Take the initiative to reduce unnecessary costs from the bottom.
  • Think about your future – People often forget about saving for retirement fund. If you are a young person, you might have also forgot the issue too. This would be your     lucky day, as now you can start for your retirement. The growth of your investments will be astonishing if it can be started in your early 20’s. It will get the time to get bigger by increasing your 401(k). Again you can choose another good option , that is a Roth     IRA. Keep going on research and start as early as possible.
  • Invest for your family – Now, you have to decide how you would make the formation of your savings. Initially you should always go for the emergency fund. If you can afford to save some more money, think about your family next. If you have a spouse and/or dependents, make insurance policies for them and confirm the premium payments every time. You should also make a will so that if something happens to your, your property can be transferred to that dependent in a hassle-free way. Remember, it is your duty to take care of them, whether you are with them or not.

To be continued…

Mortgage debts – Factors which can drastically affects your affordability part 3

Mortgage debts – Factors which can drastically affects your affordability part 3

Hi folks…Hope you are enjoying my posts, I am honestly trying to provide you as much information as possible in within a concise version. Here goes the 3rd and final part of my last post, enjoy.

Costs other than Mortgage :

There is nothing like more adventurous and exciting than buying a new house. But many prospective homeowners, forget about their financial responsibilities as a homeowner due to the sheer excitement. There is no other opinion that a mortgage loan is the biggest housing expense. But there are several other expenses which sometimes still exists even after the mortgage is paid off. So, as a smart buyer, keep this costs also in your mind :

Cost of Utilities – You can not avoid the cost of light, water, heating, sewage, garbage disposal, cable, phone services etc. While calculating the DTI ratio, these costs will not be included in the front-end as well as in the back-end ratio. But no homeowner can avoid these expenses in any circumstances.

Cost of Maintenance –  No matter what you do, your new home won’t remain new forever. Even your costly major appliances like cookers, dishwashers and freezers will also depreciate time to time. The same applies to the exteriors like furnace, roof, driveway, walls and the paint on it. You may found yourself in a hazardous situation, if you consider yourself as ‘house poor’ while taking on first mortgage payment. It is because your finances haven’t improved when you need some major cash for some major repairs.

Cost of Furniture and DécorIf you look around at your neighborhood for new homes after the dark, you’ll see some interiors with big, empty rooms. It is because those big, beautiful houses didn’t use any coverings like window curtains or furniture. Before you buy a new house, check all rooms and places which need furnitures and decoration. Many homeowners spent all the money and focus for buying the house, they often forget or can’t afford to do the decoration work initially.

Cost of Association Fees –  In some housing communities, homes are charged with monthly or yearly association fees. Sometimes these fees are quite higher than any other costs. starting from $100 to several hundred dollars per month. So, check for association fees before making the house deal. Know about its coverage like lawn maintenance, snow removal, garbage disposal service, community pool and other services.

Think Before purchasing. Cost of having a house is quite big. So, while making this cost do not underestimate the other essential expenses that can incomplete your duties as a homeowner.

Mortgage debts – Factors which can drastically affects your affordability part 2

Hi folks…Hope you are enjoying my posts, I am honestly trying to provide you as much information as possible in within a concise version. Here goes the 2nd part of my last post, enjoy.

Would you like to be house poor

The term ‘house poor’ means you cannot pay for maintaining your home. Normally if you have to pay up a large portion of your earnings towards your home, you may not have enough funds left to support your family and maintain other expenses. Many people wanted to become  an ‘house poor’ because they have the trust that it’s a good decision to buy a valuable home that they can afford. They might ignore the fact that they are going to stretch their financial boundaries a little further. The concepts is like that, in future the total earning will increase through continuous  raises and promotions, the old expensive mortgage will be getting smaller day by day and consume a very small part of their monthly income.

Clearly, people eagerly waiting to be ‘house poor’ have their own personalized and customized self-protection depending on what kind of loan they are afford..

Personal Specifications

Your personal choice always matters while deciding whether to be a “house poor” or not.  You may get approved for a mortgage loan, but it doesn’t mean that your future monthly payments will be affordable for you. So, in addition to the lender’s criteria, you must also keep in mind some personal issues and set some specific factors of your own:

1.Income –  When judging your own capability to repay your mortgage, ask yourself the following questions: –

Do you have to depend on two separate income sources for paying down your bills?? Do you have a stable job? If required, do you have the guts and chances to get another job with same or better income?? You can assume your current debt expenses through calculating the back-end-ratio, but what about those expenses which you haven’t generated yet? Will you have children in high-schools or in college in near future? Do you have plans to buy a boat, truck or a new vehicle? Does your enjoy a vacation with your family every year?

2.LifestyleWill you compromise with your lifestyle just to get your dream home? If you can limited your shopping and tours to the mall, tighten your budget to match up with a higher back-end-ratio, it might work for you. But If you can’t live without a fresh “Subway” burger every morning or a chilled beer every evening, you might have to wait long enough to fulfill your dream of a good home.

3.PersonalityDifferent individuals have different personalities regardless of their earning. Few people can take a nap without worrying about their $6000 per month payment for the next 25 years. But there are some more people also who will not take a deep breath until they pay back the larger part of their dues.  While opting for a refinance, this quality can make a big difference about your decision.  If you can keep your nerves steady, without worrying do the shopping for your home, I am sure you’ll be very much pleased and satisfied with what you have done. It will give you a mental peace also.

To be continued….


Mortgage debts – Factors which can drastically affects your affordability part 1

Hi folks…Hope you are enjoying my posts, In this post I have tried to provide you as much information as possible about mortgage affordability within a concise version. If there is any modification required, regarding my information or my writing, please don’t hesitate to post your suggestions.

It doesn’t matter where you reside, how much is your monthly income or the type of home you are looking for. Whenever your seller makes the price quote, you’ll be surely reacting something like this – “My god! too much price it is” You are right, eventually. In today’s market, prices are rising much quicker than you can imagine, mainly in the 5star areas named – New York, Boston, Las Vegas etc. In those places, even homes with small areas will be carrying high price tags.

Normally, most of the potential home buyers can easily afford a mortgage loan which costs more or less 2 or 2.5 times more than their gross earning. According to this concept, an individual can afford a mortgage between $400,000 and $450,000, if he has the income of $200,000 per year.

Finally, for getting a mortgage loan, you surely have to consider few deciding factors. Initially, you need to understand what your lender thinks about your affordability. The lender would always want to gain a perfect assumption about the size of the mortgage which they can approve for their clients. Lenders for this reason normally uses typical formulas which are little complex for a common man to get through. Next, you need to determine your own criteria by an evaluation process so that you have a precise idea about your finances by keeping your preferences intact.
Criteria of the Lender : Debt-to-Income Ratios
From a lender’s eyes, your affordability to buy a home depends upon the below given factors:

1. Front-End Ratio – The percentage of your yearly gross income which you will be paying towards your monthly mortgage payments is called the front-end-ratio. You might know that your monthly payment has 4 crucial parts, those are – principal, interest, taxes and mortgage insurance. There is a good rule regarding the mortgage insurance part, it should not exceed 28% of gross earnings. Sometimes, many lenders allows borrowers to cross the limit to 30%, and even exceed 40%.

2. Back-End Ratio – The debt-to-income ratio (DTI) is also called Back-end-ratio. It calculates the percentage of your gross income which is required to manage your debt payments. These debt payments may include your credit card payments, mortgage, child support and any other loan payments. Most of the lenders would recommend you to maintain DTI less than 36%. According to the ratio, if you want to calculate your monthly debts, you should multiply your gross earning by 0.36 and divide by 12. For example, if you income is $200,000 per year, maximum monthly debt you may have is $6,000.

3. Down Payment – As down payment you must provide 20% of your home value, it will reduce the requirement of mortgage insurance. Many lenders lure the buyers by letting them purchase a property with small down payments. The down payment has a direct impact on your mortgage payment. The bigger your down payment will be, the interest rate will be lower. Larger down payments gives buyers the chance to go for more expensive properties.

To be continued…

There’s something about The Debt to Collateral Ratio

Hi folks… Hope you are enjoying my posts, I am honestly trying to provide you as much information as possible in within a concise version. If there is any modification required, within my information or my writing, please don’t hesitate to post your suggestions.

Today I am going to discuss with you about Debt to Collateral Ratio. To get a best interest rate on a special loan you might have to deposit a collateral so the lender can recover some of his loan amount if you get defaulted. Whether you are borrowing money to pay for a house or car or to expand your business, understanding how lenders evaluate loan applications will increase your odds of securing the funds.
Collateral – A collateral is nothing but an asset. Normally the borrower deposits a part or his assets to the lender. The lender will keep this asset and will legally occupy it in case of default. The most common example of a collateral is a home bought with a mortgage. You will be the owner of the home, but the lender can seize it and resell the property if you fail to pay your monthly installment. You can not sell the collateral without lender’s permission. You as a borrower must look after the collateral because it will ensure the chances of winning a great deal and lender’s security. If your mortgaged collateral is a car or house, insurance is a must thing on it.
Down Payment – Lenders always prefer lower loan amount compared to a collateral. It would be easier for you to get approved by the lender, if your collateral is worth greater. Not only the approval, if your DTI is lower, you have to pay much lower interest out of your pocket. For an example – you have to put a downpayment of $6000 to borrow $14,000 for purchasing a car of $20,000. But if you have a high value collateral, you might have to pay only $2000. Therefore, borrowing a loan against a collateral is always a wise decision. It gives a balance between mortgage qualifications and interest.
Debt to Collateral Ratio – DTC or debt-to-collateral ratio is the most important factor which lenders consider. If you wish to take a bank loan for buying a home worth $100,000, very small number of banks will come forth to help you. So, The home will be the collateral in this scenario, and the bank or lender can seize it in case of default.
Importance of Debt to Collateral Ratio

The debt to collateral ratio seems very critical from the lender’s point of view. It will fix the chances of recovering the loan if the borrower fails to pay back. If the DTC is high, the loan amount will be nearly equal or less than the collateral. But if your DTC is low, you can get a loan approved which may be higher than your collateral value.