Your ultimate Halloween indoor games for 2020

Halloween indoor games

Celebrating Halloween with your kids is the ultimate joy during this season. However, during this COVID – 19 crisis it would be a challenge to celebrate this occasion properly. But still, your kids do not understand the situation as much as we do. The little souls are waiting patiently to get candies, kid-friendly scary movies, and to have so much fun wearing spooky costumes. 

So, you should arrange some fun-filled Halloween games for them that can be played indoors. Kids can play those games after spending their time in some classic Halloween activities such as creating Halloween masks, painting pumpkins, putting on their best spooky dresses, and sorting their Halloween treats.

Some of these Halloween activities consist of skillful games, tactics, puzzles, challenges, memory power, and creative-thinking skills. Whichever Halloween party game you and kids choose, it’s guaranteed that it will give you a remarkable time celebrating Halloween closer to your family. Don’t forget to sort out some of the best Halloween songs and eat your favorite candies. 

Now let’s get a list of your Halloween indoor games for 2020.

Halloween relay race

Ask your kids to divide themselves into groups, specifically into five to eight children. Each group will be a team that will compete against each other in the race. They will move objects from one course to another. The first team who will complete the course with all team members will be the winner and get special Halloween gifts.

Mummy sack race

It’s a sack race without a sack! You need to wrap up the legs only of the competitors with white crepe paper. The first one to the finish line will be the winner.

Candy Jenga

Get some relatively flat Halloween candies and take turns piling them on top of one another. The first kid to knock down the pile loses and others get to split the candies.

Eyeball pong

This game is similar to beer pong. Kids will bounce “eyeball” toys on the table to get them into the cups. If they can, they will win 1 candy for 1 successful bounce. Whoever can bounce the eyeballs in the middle cup instantly wins. 

Halloween “I Spy” Game

Halloween-edition “I Spy” games are the easiest way to keep your kids happy and occupied. All you have to do is print them out. 

Halloween memory game

Create a tray with Halloween themed items – a skull, plastic spider, spider web, mini pumpkin, apple, candy, a small spooky toy witch, ghost face, small lantern, a stuffed black cat, etc. Let each kid look at the tray for five to ten seconds, then cover it and ask them to guess or remember what they saw in a particular order. Whoever can guess or remember correctly, will win a special treat.

Pumpkin patch stomp

Before inflating, fill orange balloons with candy, loose change, or other treats. Trick-or-treaters can then clobber the “pumpkin patch” in your backyard to claim each prize inside.

Bean bag toss

Combine pumpkin carving with game creating. Use the pumpkins for a fun bean bag toss game. Once you are finished playing around add a tea light, and they can serve as jack-o’-lanterns.

Glow-in-the-Dark ring toss

Wrap glow-in-the-dark duct tape around a few bottles and see how many glow stick bracelets kids can get around the bottlenecks.

Spider walking game

Put both their balance and problem-solving skills to the test. This Halloween game requires your little one to collect all the spiders or ghosts around the makeshift “web” without stepping off the lines. Game on!

Pin the Spider on the web

Entertain everyone with this play on Pin the Tail on the Donkey. It won’t take long to set up—just print out and secure it with tape.

Halloween charades

This Halloween game is perfect if you’re staying home with a small group this year. Simply write Halloween-related movies and phrases onto index cards and play a spooky game of Charades.

Ghost and pumpkin bowling

Sacrifice a few toilet paper rolls to convert into ghoulish bowling pins. Cut the stem off a pumpkin and you’re all set with the perfect festive ball.

Worm pie

Older children will love this messy and fun game. Put plastic under your pies inside or move outside for this game. Provide wet towels for cleanup. Place gummy worms in the bottom of pie tins or shallow bowls.

Use as many worms and plates as necessary for your group of kids, one worm pie for each kid. Cover the worms with whipped cream. Each player puts their hands behind their back and goes after the worms with their face. The first player to eat all their worms wins.