How to keep your spending in check during the Christmas and New Year holidays


The holiday period is the best time to mingle with your family, especially after this pandemic situation. As per the eternal holiday spirit, people happily spend time with their kids and express love to their friends and loved ones. However, for many of us doing such things may become an expensive task.

Christmas is all about happiness, joy, and gifts. So, the last item might put some pressure on your wallet during this holiday. To help you reduce the costs associated with Christmas and the new year, here are some ways to keep your spending in check.

Spend time on your big commitments first

Before committing any expenses for the holidays, you should pay off your monthly big commitments first. You must pay off your bills, mortgage payments, rent, and other essential household costs first. If you skip your home loan repayments or rent payment due to overspending on holidays, you might have to pay extra fees and more interest later.

Apart from that, if you do not pay other essential expenses such as the car registration or insurance premium on time, you may end up paying more later. So, pay your important, big expenses first before allocating money towards holiday spending.

Set a budget for holidays and stick to it

During these holidays, people who want to show their dear ones how much they love and care for them may face a big issue associated with their overs-gifting habit. However, this habit will always lead to a disaster once Christmas and New Year celebrations are over.

So, it is highly recommended that you create and follow a budget that will cover your Christmas and New year celebration budget altogether. The budget should include everything that you will spend as gifts, decorations, and the cost of events you want to attend.

Compare item prices

Before you buy something from a place, you should compare the price of that item with other stores and also with the online merchants. You may easily compare prices on Google or may directly browse websites where you can find your desired gift items. You may not only compare item prices but can also compare the quality of the product this way, by checking the reviews of other buyers. 

Positively use your holiday discounts and coupons 

While shopping for your gifts, you should use coupons and pre-holiday discounts as much as possible. Black Friday and Cyber Monday were the two events when you might grab some good gifts for your loved ones at a cheap price. If you somehow missed those two dates, you may find more discount coupons online until the holidays are over.

Using discount vouchers or coupons may help you to reduce the overall cost of gifting. Also, you may get some good stuff at a low price if you keep your eyes peeled for flash sales on major online retailers.

Don’t get influenced by the sale

The retailers and big companies may provide pre-holiday sales to lure shoppers so that they spend more on different items, even on those which people do not require at this point. This practice may increase overspending habits among the shoppers and unstable their household budget.

So, be prepared and avoid buying items more than you need, just because something is heavily discounted. Make sure you stick to your holiday budget and purchase the gifts that you have decided earlier for your loved ones.

Check your credit card spending

It is better to shop using cash as much as possible. When you use credit cards for your holiday shopping, especially during a sale, it becomes too difficult to control yourself, and you might overspend above your expectations.

It may be convenient to use your credit card now, but make sure you are not making any mistakes that might cost you more later in the coming year, in the form of interest and late fees.