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Commodities you own too many of – Things that can eat your savings – part 2

Hey Guyz..this is the continuation of the last post. Let’s check on some more of those things which we can cut off from our budget and save some bucks..yeah!


Makeup kits – If you are a lady, your makeup, especially lipsticks, mascaras, liners and many other make up utilities will cost thousands. I have seen most of the ladies always toss their make up things after using, here and there. anything you haven’t worn in the past year, you can gather in one bag and sell them or you can reuse them through the help of a professional makeup artist.

Books – Books are one of the most important part of our daily life. Many people doesn’t love to read, but fortunately, that number is decreasing day by day. Other part on the people thinks that books are specially made for decoration purpose. But either way, if you are not using them, you can utilize your collection and donate as many books as you can to the local library, a orphanage, or gift books to friends and relatives.

Bathing stuff, frilly soaps and scented candles – If you have these items, don’t use them to fill up your closet. You might be saving them for a special day. It is ok, but what you can do in the meantime is to keep them along with your clothes in the same closet. Your clothes will be scented without any hassle.

Vases – Use old vases for different purpose. You can use them for growing trees, use them as show-pieces. Recycle them by giving a personal touch, paints, ribbons and give them as a gift to your loved ones.

Closet hangers – Hangers always jumbled up with each other and looks messy. So, better not to buy so many of them. Use uniform slim hangers which will save space and looks neat, keeps your clothes longer. Clear your closet from stuffed wire hangers and contact the cleaners who will accept your old hangers.



Commodities you own too many of – Things that can eat your savings – part 1

Hey Guyz, Today I am gonna discuss about some common things which we normally have in our possession, some personal things may be. These are day-to-day commodities which we need practically everyday. But we usually gather multiples of them without any proper reason, so few of these turns into too many of them. Let’s check on some of those which we can cut off to save some bucks..yeah!

Bed Sheets – If you have more than two kids and you need to change bed sheets daily, then you really require more than two or three sets of sheets for your each bed. But if you have a grown child then you don’t need ¾ pairs of bed sheets, 1 or 2 sets will be more than enough for you. So, stop buying extra pair of sheets. Keep looking for quality instead of quantity, consider comfort rather than luxury. You can also have some bucks in your pocket if you sell your old sheets to a garage or backyard sale. You can also donate old pairs to dog shelters.

Transparent glasses – You’ll prefer Wine glasses, specially for drinking juice or soda, martini glasses for party…right? But seriously, do you really require different glasses for different purpose? Some people will disagree, but if you also go for the trend, it will fill your cupboards but simultaneously empty your wallet. Many of us normally use same glasses for drinking different beverages.

Handy towels – Similar as bed sheets, the towels. Is it necessary to change new towel in every week or month? Or much worse, after every bath or shower? Many people use different towel for different purpose. Like – a hair towel, a bath towel, a hand towel etc. Don’t change it so frequently, if you really want to change it, donate old towels to some place else like an animal shelter or something. Put aside big ones to use it on the beach or while having a tan beside the pool. Make space in your closet by buying less number of handy towels, increase using old ones more often.

Cleaning/Grooming Products – Specially for ladies, whether it’s face products, hair products, nail products, hair baubles or anything else, we are all a bit choosy. We normally always try to gather the best with great prices. But now it is time to eliminate that habit. Modify your routine, whether it’s a bath product or a cleaning product, cut out things you don’t use. Try to use low budget commodities, like medicated products and local made cleaners, stop going for the brand. It will save a lot from your budget.


To be continued…


B017PS - BGwk28 - Beware young parents – Avoid 5 greatest financial mistakes

Beware young parents – Avoid 5 greatest financial mistakes

One of the toughest job you have to perform as a parent is to raising a young child. This job will involve most of the time in your daily routine. There is so much you have to do in very short time that you might have ignore the financial life of your child. So, do not underestimate the importance of financial planning in your child’s life. Check out the below given mistakes which you should avoid being young parent.

  1. Living without an emergency fund – Did you saved enough money to carry out daily expenses and bills ? If not, set up a financial goal and open a savings account to gather emergency funds. Try to deposit minimum of $50 every month. There is a chance of sudden job loss, for both the parents. So, it is advised to save for total expenses for 3 months to 6 months at least. It will buy you enough time to find a new job. It would also help you in the time of crisis like an unexpected home repair or a medical issue.
  1. Not preparing for the retirement – Most or the parents save money for their kid’s college expenses, but they always ignore the retirement. Do the opposite. If any problem arises, you can opt for a student loan, but you can not borrow money for your retirement days. You must allocate funds from each month’s income for your future days. Choose a 401(k) account if possible. Another option is a Roth IRA or a traditional IRA.
  1. Not opening a savings account for your child – Open a savings account for your son or daughter. Give him or her a certain amount per month and ask them to deposit that amount into their personal account. By this way you can teach them saving habits which will encourage them to save for future. You can also put a certain amount in a 529 college-savings plan. The fund will be tax-free if it is only used for college expenses.
  1. Ignoring eligible tax savings – You might be aware of the personal exemption of tax by $3,950 per child, but somehow you missed the opportunity. These deduction will include the child tax credit up to $1,000 (it will be based on your income), child- and dependent-care (coverage given up to 35% of the cost of daycare and day camp), tax credit for adoption (up to $13,190) and tuition fee for special-needy students.
  2. Not having a health-care “flexible spending account” (FSA) – Most of the big companies allow you to separate some pretax dollars, which you can use to met out-of-pocket medical expenses. For now, this opportunity is given only to 1 in 5 employees. Gather up all your documents like prescription, bills, doctor and dental expenses from the last 12 months, and allocate that amount for enrollment. This step will save your health and medical costs by 20% to 50%.