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This thanksgiving make way for charity and better finances

This thanksgiving make way for charity and better finances!

If Squanto never offered the pilgrims, coming from the other side of the world, a place to stay and food to eat, then thanksgiving day would not have taken the form as it is today….

It was a long difficult time of suffering, and a brief history of charity and love, that made the foundation of thanksgiving. If you don’t know who’s Squanto, then let me tell you, ‘he was the dude, back then’.

When the english pilgrims stepped down from the merchant ship Mayflower on Cape Cod, they were welcomed by heavy snow, draught, unfavorable conditions, and other threats from nature.

That’s exactly when Squanto appeared. A tribal man from the jungle, had feathers on his head, and spoke broken English.

He offered the dying and weathered englishmen shelter, and food.

Squanto taught them how to plant crops and how to beat the harsh weather conditions of the Atlantic.

So, now it was time for the englishmen to pay thanks and show gratitude to Squanto and his native american tribe.

It was then, that the first thanksgiving season was observed, where food, fresh harvests, and other household objects were exchanged among the people of the native tribe and the pilgrims.

Then after 2 centuries, our former president Mr. Abraham Lincoln officially declared a special day that is to be considered a holiday and should be marked as thanksgiving day.

Since then we have been celebrating thanksgiving each year, where we invite our family members and friends, and have big feasts and get-togethers.

But are all of us actually celebrating this festivity the way it’s meant to be done? Guess not. Thanksgiving itself means to show gratitude and give thanks, which many of us don’t follow.

In this blog post however, it is a question of finances.
I believe, this thanksgiving it’s time for us to offer gratitude with an act of charity so as to respect our financial independence, and say thanks to the Almighty, who makes it possible for us to earn and live!

What should you do on thanksgiving?

A little charity is what I am asking you to do. Nothing more.

As you receive your paycheck for this month, try to scrap out a little percentage (say 5% or 10% – even 1 dollar will do), and donate it to some charity foundation or association.

There are numerous charity organizations in our country that you can donate to.

Even your local church will pull out the job too. Just go ahead and do the charity. Offer your thanks for the financial happiness you are experiencing in the present time!

Trust me, your thanksgiving will be the most blessed one, and can’t get more better if you do some charity!

But that’s not all. Charity is one part. Do you know how charity influences better finances?

I recently went through a few blogs and articles on psychology and finances. They are defining charity and donations at a different level.

It’s said that when you give away a portion of your money for moral investment, it brings in happiness and influences you to have more wealth, so that you can receive more happiness like this in the future by donating more money.

Charity is an investment. Not something that will give you good returns in terms of money. But it ensures that you are sharing your wealth for worldly reasons.

Obviously you can ignore this belief, but remember that charity will surely force you to have more income, and will give you a strong reason to sustain your existence.


Life is short mate. You are born today, and you die tomorrow, before you even know it.

Hence do something, for which you will never leave any regret behind, when you are gone.

Have a wonderful and happy thanksgiving.


Fun filled DIY Christmas game ideas for your kids

Since Christmas is just next week, it’s only a matter of days before the kids are coming back from school on winter vacation. Apart from that, you might have a toddler for whom you need to plan some fun-filled outdoor games.

So, the best way to keep your kids occupied and entertained is to arrange a christmas activity party. Check out these 4 unique crafts, activities, and games for your kids.

1. Poke-a-tree game

It is a game about finding gifts, hidden inside a tree. Kids will love to punch through the tissue paper to grab hidden gifts.

What you need: Green paper cups, Tissue paper, Rubber bands, glue, color pen.

How to play:

Fold a stack of tissue paper into fourths and cut out circles from from them. Place a toy, or other gifts inside paper cups. Attach a matching tissue paper circle on top of the paper cups. Use a rubber band to hold the tissue paper circle in place.
Use hot glue the cups to the foam core sheet like a Christmas tree shape.
Cut a tree trunk shape from papers and attach it straight under the last row of cups.
To play the game, poke your finger through the tissue paper and get the prizes.

2. Snowman drawing game

Ask your kids to draw a snowman on a large paper. The winner will get a amazing gift.

What you need: Large paper sheets, Color markers or pen.

How to draw:

This is a simple Snowman Game that can be played anywhere. It’s perfect to teach kids how to draw properly. This game is about growing interest about drawing skill.

Everyone must have large piece of paper.
KIds have to draw a snowman using the marker.
No one should peek each other’s’ papers.
Kids must complete the drawing by coloring it fully.
The best drawing will be rewarded with surprize gift, and others also get consolation prizes.

3. Snowman slam game

You can craft simple snowmen by using cups. Kids love tossing fake snowballs and knocking them down! This snowman slam game is very easy and takes little time for preparation.

What you need: White cups, white socks, black & orange craft foam, glue, scissors.

How to play it:

To make the snowmen, decorate six white cups by black and orange craft foam. Make tight the snowballs by using three white socks.

This game is easy, and the girls also love it. The idea is simple; toss the snowballs to knock down the snowmen.

4. DIY snow paint game

It is a great art activity during winter. Kids learn using of vibrant colors by using food dye, water, and spray bottles. Your kids can spend hours while making masterpiece after masterpiece in the snow.

What you need: spray bottles, non–toxic food color, water.

How to make it:

To create your DIY Snow Paint, fill the spray bottles with water. Then, add food color or dye to get the proper color you need. Screw the lid tightly of the bottle, and give it a good shake. You can adjust the nozzle to create a finer mist, or a more concentrated spray. You can mix colors, write out a Christmas message, draw pictures.
Round up your kids, and make sure that they are wearing deep colored, warm snow clothes. Start painting, and have fun. The things you need are easy to find, so it’s a great activity within low budget.


5 Movies and 3 budgeting tips that will rock this Christmas

Christmas is the best time for movies and the celebrations are not done, till you, your cousins, your friends and nearly every hooligan you know,sit down to watch the coolest of movies in the chilly night!
I will try to give in the names of new releases for this year. So anyone searching for vintage classics won’t find it here. Pardon me for that.

These are the movies to watch this Christmas:
Number 1: Murder on the Orient Express:
Nothing gets better when it comes to a mysterious night on Christmas.
And that’s exactly what Agatha Christie talks through her novels.
Director and actor Kenneth Branagh brings the showdown with his newly released work “The Murder on the Orient Express”.
I won’t talk about how the movie opens up, or how it progresses. All I can say is the movie surely gives a call to its audience, and makes it worth a second watch!
Johnny Depp played the role of Senneth Ratchett, the businessman who gets murdered on board!
Branagh plays Hercule Poirot himself, and Penelope Cruz is the melancholic missionary Pilar Estravados.
It will surely make your Christmas as the movie’s all snow, cold and dark!

Number 2: Jumanji- Welcome to the JunGLe!
We can never forget the Robin Williams starrer Jumanji, that released back in 2004. Hell that was some movie man!
But there’s nothing to worry, we have Dwayne Johnson a.k.a ROCK in this movie.
“ A Game For Those, Who Seek To Find, The Way To Leave Their World Behind!”
Can any caption give you such a good feeling? Like escape from Reality?? (Except Harry Potter I mean)!!!
So gear up fellas, it’s just going to make your day as the film gets released on December 20th!
Grab your tickets and get into action!

Number 3: DUNKIRK.
Guess two names will be enough, Christopher Nolan and Tom Hardy!
Even though this released way back in the mid of 2017, on 13th July, you can still watch it this Christmas.
The show will get even better, if you can get someone along with you, who has not watched it yet!
Critics have seriously stated that this is Christopher Nolan’s best film till date and probably the best war movie ever made.
To be practical what else can we expect from the creator of such masterpieces like The Prestige, Inception, Interstellar and the Batman??
So watch it again, and suggest it to your other friends too!

Number 4: HangMan.
Al Pacino is back with the new crime thriller film, that is expected to rock the film garden this year!
Nothing ever gets bad or wrong with this Pacino guy! He is the Man, and he comes with HangMan!
The movie plot is intriguing as the murders are based on the children game Hangman!
Even though the movie seems a bit complex, but the fingers are crossed, and let’s see how Pacino’s going to play it!

Number 5: COCO.
The most highly rated animation movie of this year.
COCO has already received high critical acclaim, and as of december 11, 2017, COCO has grossed $136.8 million in the United states and Canada.
The film has been praised for its graphics and visuals, and is said to be a treat for the eye!
You seriously don’t want your kids to miss it!
The film revolves around a small girl named COCO who wants to take up music as her life, but her family is no music at all!
See what happens as a Gig is about start and dead skeletons are coming for a visit from the Land Of The Dead!

Movies are fun, and Christmas celebration is the biggest priority!
But at the end of the day we must also keep a look at our pockets, so that celebration blasts don’t burn holes in them!
Along with good movies, friends, drinks and foods you must also be able to hold your finances steady!

Here are 3 budgeting tips for Christmas:
Don’t let the moment’s magic take control over you.
People are careless about money when it comes to festivals! But you should know how much you can spend.
Set up a budget now itself.
Make a list of all the possible expenses you are about to make, including the movie tickets and all!
Now add a few more bucks on top of your budget for emergency cash and happy spending!
This is the only decent idea I can come up with!

Sell unwanted items that you haven’t used for this year.
This is a great way to add some extra cash that can definitely buy you a few cocktails at a nightclub.
Old furniture? Sell it.
Old clothes? Sell it.
Old gadgets? Sell it.
Anything old and you don’t use, sell it!
Actually make it a habit to sell unwanted items every year in Christmas, and clean your house to make room for the new!

Make a savings plan for each Christmas:
This is my top notch suggestion for you!
If you really want your Christmas to be a grande party every year, then plan to do savings!
Open up an account and stash away an amount each month, and see it grow.
Voila! After 12 months, you are all set for a killer bumpy ride!
I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New year!
Do watch the movies and comment your views.
Also try to budget out your Christmas the coolest way with the budgeting tips I gave.


Lifestyle habits that can save you huge amount of money

Sometimes the difficult thing of money saving habit is just how you can start the habit itself. It is really very difficult to find out easy ways to save money and how you can use your savings to reach your financial goals. So, let’s discuss few basic tips that can help you to develop a realistic money savings habit.

  1. Make a list of the expenses

The first step would be figuring out the amount of your spending. Keep track of all your expenses. This may include the cost of newspaper, coffee/snacks, etc. After getting the data, categorize them according to their total amount. You can use your credit card or bank statements as reference.

  1. Plan a budget

Once you have the idea of your monthly spending limit, you can execute a budget and try to fit your expenses into it. Apart from your monthly expenses, you must also consider expenses that occur often but not regularly. These may include car maintenance cost, home renovation, etc.

  1. Make a strategy on saving

After planning the budget, try to put away 10–15 % of your income as savings. If you save money every day as well as reduce your fixed monthly expenses,  very soon you’ll be able to build up a good saving habit.

  1. Choose a goal to save for

Try to set a goal. You need a specific target for which you’ll cut off expenses and save money. Figure out how much time you need to save for it. If you need help figuring out a time frame.

These are some examples of short- and long-term goals:

Short-term (1–3 years)

  • Emergency fund (3–9 months of living expenses)
  • Vacation expenses
  • Down payment for your bike or car

Long-term (4+ years)

  • Retirement investments
  • Child’s education
  • Down payment for your new home or any remodeling job

If you’re saving money for your child’s higher education and your retirement fund, then you may invest your money in IRA or a 529 plan. These investments might come come with risks but they also give you good, compounded returns if you plan properly.

  1. Initiate automatic saving

Almost all banks offer automated transfers between your checking and savings accounts. You should decide the time, the amount , and the account where you’ll transfer the money to. You can also divide your income between your checking and savings accounts. Automated transfers are a great way today to save money as you don’t have to twice about separating money into two accounts manually.

  1. Keep noticing your savings

Check your progress every month. Keep eyes on your checking and savings account. This will not only help you to stick to your savings plan but it also helps you identify and fix problems quickly.

These easy tips to save money will be very helpful to you and will inspire you to build a good money saving habit.


stay healthy tips

5 basic tips to stay healthy while you are in college

Sometimes, due to the frequent classes, homework, meetings and your social lifestyle, you may skip the habit of keeping a good health. Being a student is tough, you might think that health is such a topic which you don’t have to bother much. But developing healthy habits can help you to stay healthy throughout your total lifespan. Here are 5 tips that’ll help you to stay healthy being a college student.

1. Eat properly

Eating healthy food can help you to boost your body’s immune system. Sometimes it’s not possible to eat healthy food during college, but there are easy ways you can manage your eating habits.

First, don’t skip breakfast. Grabbing a cake or banana might give you the boost to carry on throughout the day. Try not to skip meals. You always need to eat when you are hungry, don’t kill it. Take a bowl full of salad or sandwich as per your requirement.

Keep these three things in your mind while eating foods – quality, variety and balance. Try to maintain a balance between dairy foods, whole grains, veggies, fruits, and ofcourse..protein intake daily.

2. Sleep properly

Good sleep is required to maintain a balance between your physical and mental strength. It will help to keep your metabolism rate normal, improve your memory, and removes toxins from the muscles.

Lack of sleep reduces your energy, concentration power, increases anxiety, and depression. Lack of sleep also increase in appetite, and that may cause a weight gain. Try to maintain a regular sleeping pattern of minimum 7 hours at night, wake up early and exercise.

3. Exercise well

Doing exercise in a busy college schedule is difficult. But today, most of the colleges have arrangements for students to get exercise. But initially you can start exercising by walking to your class. Depending on your class schedule, you can do this for 20 minutes to 1 hour everyday.

Most colleges also offer free or discounted memberships to gyms. Consider your gym class like an extra class in your daily routine.

You can try different forms of exercises like – kickboxing, cycling, swimming, yoga, tennis, or soccer. These are all great ways to become fit.

4. Choose your drink carefully

There are four types of drinks or beverages that can affect your health. These are 1. alcohol, 2. soda and soft drinks, 3. caffeinated drinks, and 4. water.

The excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks can damage your health. Studies reveal that if you consume alcohol regularly, it will impair your ability to absorb nutrients.

Intake of soft drinks, sodas, and sweetened fruit juices can cause abnormal weight gain and improper digestion. SO TRY TO AVOID THEM AS MUCH AS YOU CAN.

Caffeinated drinks like tea or coffee can make your body dehydrated, make sure to intake two glasses of water for every coffee or energy drink you consume. Also, too much drinking coffee can hamper your quality of sleep at night.

Make sure you drink plenty of water everyday. Drinking plenty of water can increase your appetite, removes toxins from your body, and also keeps your stomach fit. Try to drink a glass of water every hour.

5. Wash your hands properly

Washing your hands can save you from multiple germ infections, and viruses. College students are always in close contact with others, so it is easier to catch colds or viruses. Wash your hands properly before every meal, while touching your eyes, nose or mouth.

6. Avoid smoking

Smoking causes cancer, and many more lung diseases, heart disease and emphysema. For those who want to quit smoking, can join student health centers for several anti-smoking programs.


Back-to-School Health Tips for kids

You might have finished back-to-school shopping for classroom supplies, uniforms, lunchbox, bedding etc, but have you done your child’s health issue? Your kids must start the new school year in good health.
So, let’s discuss some tips on your child’s eyesight, dental care, sleep, prevention for disease, safety, and other health oriented issue.

1. Eyesight

In a classroom session, 80% of learning is based on visual elements. So, your kid should have a clear vision before going back to school. An eyesight problem may still arise even if your kid has passed an eye screening test. So, before hitting the new session, you kid must need a comprehensive eye exam so that he or she can contribute the most of them.

2. vaccination

The vaccination schedule can protect your kids from the different illness. Kids who suffer from allergies might get into trouble during school where dust mites, mold, and other allergens flourish in the classroom. Contagious illness spread from person to person through different mediums like air, water or from physical contact. Teens and young kids must get their vaccination as early as possible.

3. Dental health

Kids must follow good dental routine just as they do their school routine. Whenever they are, they must brush twice a day for two mins, at early morning and after the meal.

4. Bedtime routine

Kids have a tendency to skip proper sleep during summer. They also wake up late during that time because of the holidays. So, start shaking them up early morning, starting from today. Their school-time sleep routine must become their habit unless they’ll fall asleep during class. Don’t let them back into their summer schedule.

5. Hygiene issues

Seeing any excessive head scratching? Might be head lice. Ask your kids not to share combs, hats, and clothes with any other kids from the class. Do a visual check once a week for ticks. The most easier way to avoid catching germs and maintain hygiene is to encourage your kids to wash hands properly. Hand sanitizers work well if they can’t arrange soaps. Ask them not to use the same clothes every day, especially undergarments.

B014PS - BGwk26 - Reasons behind overspending – Avoid this issues to save your wallet part 2

Reasons behind overspending – Avoid this issues to save your wallet part 2

Hi folks… This is the continuation of the last post of mine. Hope you’ll enjoy these money saving ideas.


  1. Immediate need – When you visit a store, you might not be looking a special thing to buy. But suddenly, if you remember something which you need immediately, you are gonna use your credit card and buy it. You’ll feel a great satisfaction after achieving that commodity. But after that, when you return home and think, you may find that you have wasted your money on a product which can be purchased later. You needed that money for another special need. But it was too late. you got what you want now, and you have to pay the bill on time..
  1. Lifestyle – If you are living a good, high class lifestyle, it will be very hard for you to downgrade your daily habits due to a financial hardship. So, you might maintain your high grade, costly habits and routine which will gather more debts for you.
  1. Behaving like a child – Some people just behave like a CHILD. A child normally gets money, and he/she got scared that may be someone will snatch that money from him/her. Then the child normally spends it in any kind of activity, the aim is to spend. But this behavior can be suitable for a child, not a mature person. If being a mature citizen, you spend without thinking, at any reason, I am afraid you’ll be in a deep trouble.
  1. Showing off power – Spending money actually is a mode of showing off power. No matter what would be the amount, paying it off with a card swipe is pretty cool. Similarly, throwing off a bunch of $100 bill for paying your shopping bills is also mind blowing. But seriously! what kind of power you gain by piling up debts?? Think about it..
  1. Over self-estimation – Don’t overestimate yourself! I agree you also deserve a $50 haircut, or $75 body massage, but it is wrong you always have to spend that much extra for yourself. I mean , practically you can handle yourself if you got a $10 haircut.
  1. Not saying “NO” – This one is the one that I have heard the absolute most. Whether a child asking a parent for the newest fad toy or a spouse wanting the newest computer game, some people just cannot say no! Even if they cannot afford to say yes, they feel like a failure to some degree if the money is not there to meet the wants of the other person. No matter what, these people will make it happen, even if it becomes a dead end to bankruptcy court.


B013PS - BGwk26 - Reasons behind overspending – Avoid this issues to save your wallet part 1

Reasons behind overspending – Avoid this issues to save your wallet part 1

Hi folks…In this article I am discussing about the reason which prove us to spend most of our monthly income. Learn how to recognize these reasons and enjoy these money saving ideas.


The most common reason for an individual to not saving enough is lack of self-control. But seriously, is it so problematic that a person can not handle it properly? No, it will take serious attention and a lot of self-control as well. So, what happens is, whenever you have a sudden costs to cover urgently, you’ll forget everything else, even your other priorities like education and medical costs.

So, it is clear that there are many reasons which will force you to spend without any limit. But actually, if we try to reduce those reason first, in spite of trying to save money, we will come out with flying colors definitely. So, here goes some of the main reasons which will poke you to spend without thinking for tomorrow :

  1. Maintaining high status – many people think that if they will not follow the high status just like their neighbors, then the neighbors would avoid them. ThIs is totally the inferiority complex, nothing else. Actually the neighbors are also thinking the same way and they are continuous.
  1. Keeping company – In today’s trend, many people love to enjoy dinner, discoes, shopping and many more activities along with friends. They think if they not spend enough money on their friends, their friends will drop them. It is a totally misconception, if you can’t afford to spend on them, and they leave you for that, do they should be called friends?
  1. Funds are coming – many people spend a certain amount way before they actually getting that amount in hand. Suppose you’ve won a big amount as prize money. For that reason, you may decide to buy a new laptop for your son. But do not buy that gadget from your own pocket using credit cards. This way you are only increasing your personal debt burden. You must use your prize money when you get the cash amount in your hand.
  1. You don’t feel credit card – It is true, people doesn’t feel while spending through credit cards. plastic cards definitely not feel as much as old paper cash. For this reason people use cards more often and tend to over spend.

To be continued…